Sentenced to life in prison, Mason has found little hope for escape, until the day his friend comes to break him out. There’s just one problem. His captors have no desire to let them leave.

About the Project

I directed and produced the short film, Mason, alongside a team of talented people. This film has been four years in the making and the goal was to capture the story of a suicide victim.  There are unspoken struggles of maintaining friendships during hard times and this film explores them. (This project has been put on hold.)

Date: 2017 - present
Role: Director, Producer, Environment Artist, and Animator

Tools: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop,

Adobe Audition


Director and Producer: RJ Kroeplin

Rigging Artist: Jordan Pukal

Animators: Charles Backstrom, Sara Staudt, Breeanna Lindgren, Rachel Colestock, Tyler Daudt, Anna Klus, Nolan Christensen, Austen Grustchelovek, Jordan Pukal, and RJ Kroeplin.

Storyboard Artists: Rebekah Kroeplin, Sara Staudt, and Gracia Blazek

Actors: Falicia Nichole and Mitch Geiken

Environments and Lighting: RJ Kroeplin


Mason Storyboard Preview.jpg



Cell Environment

created by Rebekah Kroeplin

Most of the film's scenes are in this environment.  


Hallway Environment

created by Rebekah Kroeplin

The hallways environment was one of my personal favorites to create and depicts one of the most intense parts of the film.


Mason and Dayes Rig

created by Jordan Pukal

This rig was created by my partner, Jordan, and was one of the biggest contributions made to this project.  I modeled the hair, created textures, and formed the model after he finished the topology. I also helped rig the eyes and hair.


Concept art created during the process of writing the script.