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Attempted Escape

This scene would be a part of a film about a man escaping from his captors through a wooded path. Only to die from blood loss. His life-long friend, a real-life superhero, spots his body on the trail as she's flying past. The grief becomes too much for her.
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RJ Koeplin portfolio.


Libman Advert

Section of storyboards from an advertisement for Libman.
A young woman fights off germs and bacteria with a mop for a weapon.

The Commute

A young thief gets more than she bargains for when she steals the briefcase off of an old monster on his way to work. 

This is a section of those storyboards.

Product Scenario Storyboards

Scenarios meant to help viewers understand what the product is capable of doing.  

Some panels are censored to keep the company anonymous. 


A young man is imprisoned for his crimes until his best friend comes to break him out.  There's only one problem.  He doesn't want to leave.

This scene is of a dialogue between the two characters when everything comes to a head.

From the short film, Mason.

Warmup Storyboard Panels

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